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And now for a really long weekend


5:11 pm

So K picked this weekend to come home from college for a visit, which was nice, and we picked her up at the train on Friday evening. R, since she's only an hour or so away, thought it would be nice to come home and spend some quality time with her sister. Aw. So they were both home all day Saturday, and here it is Sunday. So R has made the drive back up to her school. K's train was scheduled to leave at 5:30 this afternoon. For Washington, D.C.

Which, you may have seen on the news today, is completely snowed in. They had 7 inches of snow at 9 this morning, and with no end in sight. Our snow isn't due to start for an hour or so, so we could certainly have gotten her to the train, and the train, most likely, would have made it to DC. But then what?

The image of my sweet baby girl (yes, I know she's 18) spending the night sleeping on a bench in Union Station amidst a whole horde of strangers did not sit so well with me. Call me paranoid. But it didn't seem like there would be a cab to pick her up and drive through the city's snow-clogged streets back to her campus, nor would she manage the Metro with her suitcase and laptop, let alone the walk from the Metro stop back to the dorm.

So it looks like we've got her for a few days more, which is okay by me. I've got no school this week, so I can get her to the train on Tuesday, after the snow stops here.

I know I'm neither the first nor the last to say this, but here it is: enough already. Nature is powerful, we can't control it, etc. etc. etc. I get it.

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