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4:15 pm

Really. Here it is, 4:15, and it's been snowing since about 6 last night. Looks to be about two feet out there. I am not exaggerating. My car is buried in snow up to the top of the wheels.

Hubs is out shoveling, which will take him hours or until he dies, whichever comes first. This snow shoveling always makes me nervous. Like the lawn in the summer, he does not believe in power tools of any kind. (He believes they exist, he just doesn't believe they should be used by him.) So, no snow-blower, and no sons either, who would have been away at college anyway. (Sexist? Okay.)

So I'm stuck in, which is okay, since I actually read a whole book, something I rarely do. The Lovely Bones, which is not the modern-day To Kill a Mockingbird, as I had heard, but a good read. And I cried a whole bunch, so that's always good.

Will I get K to her train tomorrow? Will Amtrak ever run again in the Northeast corridor? Tune in tomorrow.

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