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a fifty-something under-tall half-deaf school librarian in the jersey suburbs with two grown kids and time on her hands

Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.

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5:22 pm

I've summed myself up pretty well in the one-line description on my page and on in my profile. That's who I am. I became who I am because of the major influences in my life, on my life. Of all the millions and millions -- okay, hundreds -- of diary entries I've written, these six are the ones that cover all that stuff. In a sentence, I had a brain tumor that was diagnosed and removed in 1991, and in a 9-month period, from May 2002 to February 2003, both of my parents died. I'm married, I've got a tattoo, I had a kick-ass 50th birthday in 2003. There you go. Here they are:

Now that list up there is all the basic stuff, but down here I just listed a lot of the surveys and stuff that I've done, since I think that reveals all kinds of stuff about the writer, too, hmm? Too much, I know. Alas. And the long-awaited 100 Things.

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