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So ... 1326


5:57 pm

Sometimes that kid cracks me up.

When I got home from school today, there was a note on the kitchen counter in the place that we generally leave notes for each other -- where we've gone, if we'll be late, who called, and so on -- and the note read

i ate the beefaroni you
were saving on the shelf.

it was delicious.

because she knows that this is one of my favorite poems. Clever, these Chai-lettes of mine. They got lots of that from the other side, which is dense with extremely clever folk, but okay, I'll take some of the credit. The dry part of the humor came directly in the DNA from my father.

On another topic altogether, did you see this bit about Rosie O'Donnell? She said something that was offensive to Chinese people, and sorta kinda apologized for it, but she didn't know it was offensive and she'll probably do it again, because that's the way she is.

Uh ... what? Is this the same Rosie O'Donnell who ripped a new one for Kelly Ripa a few weeks ago for saying something that Rosie was pretty sure was an anti-gay slur? (Which I think it totally wasn't, btw.) Well, sorry, that's just not right. People aren't just idiots when they slur a group you happen to support or be part of; it's not right no matter who does it, don't ya think? And O'Donnell's was a way more obvious and intentional slur than Ripa's, which wasn't a slur against anything or anyone at all.

Just saying. You know.

I's still very, very tired, even though I've been sleeping better. Just can't seem to keep my eyes open, or pick up some energy. Even so, I'm going into the gym tomorrow to talk to the head trainer about putting a program together for me, and I'm going to the orthopedist tomorrow night for what I assume is my last visit, mostly to ask questions. There's a gentle yoga class on the gym schedule for next Wednesday morning that I think I can do. What I'll do when I don't have a Wednesday morning off, I don't know, but I'll cross that bridge later. I'm a little hopeful that between going back to the gym and maybe getting my consultation with the nutritionist and going to a new doctor next month, I can start to get into a little bit of shape and feel better. Oh, I'm also thinking of starting to go to a chiropracter, not for anything specific, but maybe it'll work on my general aches and pains. No? I have no idea. I had a not-great experience with a chiropracter some 25 years ago and I haven't been motivated to go back, but the girls have been going recently and feel good, so I'm thinking about it.

K is working weird hours today; I passed her on the road when I was on my way home and she was on her way out, and she's working until 9:30. Her best friend is home for the holiday week, and I wish she could see more of him, but between her work and all his other friends and family, it's tough. He has a job managing a Katrina Relief office of some sort in Louisiana, and loves it there, and I think has a real sense of accomplishment in his work. I don't see him coming home often or much in the future, which is too bad on one level and great on another, assuming he's found his vocation. I love this kid, although it feels weird to anticipate calling him Reverend Kid in the future, which I think is what's really coming for him. It's always been in him, lurking, but I think now is coming to the surface. As long as he's happy. He's very good people.

It's nearly six, and I'd like to take another nap now, but I should probably feed the cats and then myself before I do. Q is lurking at my knee, waiting to pounce. Oy.

I'm watching Still Standing

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